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Audi A7 Bike Rack - Innovative Arc Based Design 2 or 3 Bike Racks

Audi A7 Bike Rack

2010- today

2 Bikes £134.95 

3 Bikes £159.95


This Audi A7 Bike Rack is made in the USA. This bike rack has an adjustable arc design and attaches to the boot-lid using 6 straps, the ‘arms & legs’ on this rack are fully adjustable and can be moved to suit your Audi.  The design of the rack also means the arms and legs can be folded flat and the rack will fit inside the boot with ease.

The Bones 2 and 3 bike racks were conceived by Saris and famed designer Fabio Pedrini. Its manufactured by the Saris company in Wisconsin USA. With over a million of these racks sold the Bones bike rack has proven that it’s more than just another rear mounted rack. It’s a tested statement of style, design, convenience and durability.

With ratchet straps that keep your bike secure to the rack arms, exclusive anti sway and articulated rubber feet to protect the finish on your Audi, Bones ensures that nothing gets damaged in transit. The vinyl coated hooks strap securely to your A7 with spring buckles, which makes installation quick and effortless.

This Audi A7 Bike Rack also comes with a lifetime guarantee, as long as the original owner has the rack its in guarantee. We also have a 14 day money back policy so if you purchase this rack and then decide its not for you simply return it to us, unused and will will refund.



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Audi A7 Bike Rack

Audi A7 Bike Rack ( shown on A3 Cab )

audi a7 bike rack

Audi A7 Bike Rack - Being Fitted

Overview of the Audi A7 Bike Rack

Audi A7 Bike Rack close up

Rubberised feet protect vehicle and coated straps protect bike. All three straps pass through the aluminium extrusion, helping to keep everything well-integrated and tidy. Each hook is marked as appropriate – Upper, Side, Lower. Details of this sort make a difference when fitting the rack to your Audi

 Audi A7 Bike Rack side view

Arc-based design fits over most spoilers and separates bikes on different levels. The injection-moulded arms and legs (“bones”) are made from a plastic resin and are said to be the strongest on the market. Most of the weight of the bikes is taken on the bumper legs and the rear bumper.

Audi A7 bike rack easy to fit

Saris Bomes racks are small and light and can be fitted by one person in minutes, you can usually still open the boot with the rack attached ( but with no bike )

audi a7 bike rack ratchet strap details

The hold-down and anti-sway straps have a soft plastic lining, and hold bikes secure, there is one for the cross bar and upright / saddle tube. All parts that come into contact with the vehicle and bikes are soft enough to prevent friction damage as long as both faces are clean before fitting, i.e. a dirty bumper might end up being scuffed, the same for a muddy bike tube.

Audi A7 Bike Rack fits into boot

Bones bike racks fold flat for easy storage and have no steel to rust and no foam padding to degrade. They are also supplied fully assembled and only the arms and legs need to be rotated to fit the rack.

Audi A7 Bike Rack Spine details

The extruded aluminium spine that the core of the Bones car bike rack, this allows the rack to fit a huge range of cars as the legs can be rotated into hundreds of different positions, the odds are the Bones will fit your next car as well and the one after that.

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