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About Car Bicycle Rack - Car Bike Racks & Bike Carriers

About Car Bicycle Rack

Car Bike Rack

The best car bicycle racks in the world for your car.

Car Bicycle Rack is part of the boot-bag group and was established in early 2014. We have been selling Saris and vacuum cup based car bicycle racks via our sister website www.boot-bag.com since 2008 mostly to convertible car owners. The quality and unique design of the Saris range of car bicycle racks has done nothing but impress. We have been surprised that the Saris and vacuum cup racks are only really well known within the core cycling community.

Why a Saris Car Bicycle Rack ?

Shop for quality not price. All Saris car bike racks have a ‘life time warranty’ not three years, not five, but for as long as the original buyer owns it. Why ? Cycling is a lifetime sport, so why settle for anything less from the equipment that helps you enjoy it.

The design and quality of the Saris Bones range speak for themselves with over a million sold globally we believe its the best car bike rack out there.


The Saris Bones car bike rack design philosophy



1. Saris Bike Rack Design Transparency:

Even radically new design should be immediately understood. Saris racks are intuitive to use because they are designed through your eyes, so you can clearly see how everything works. This instills confidence behind the wheel that your bikes are safe and secure.

Saris Bones 2 Car Bike Rack Close

2. Revolutionary Thinking in car bike racks:

All great design begins by asking, how can we make the user’s experience better? The essence of a great design and the genesis of our products is the marriage of the user’s emotional connection and the delight of using the product.


close up of saris car bike rack straps

3. The best thinking makes for the best racks:

Pushing the limits of design demands that we keep pace with emerging advancements in materials and technologies. Saris want to be first to know what’s new and, if it progresses the form and performance of Saris products, quickly adopt it into their thinking.

Car Bike Rack by Saris Bones 2


4. Closed-Circle Methodology:


From product design to test engineering to manufacturing, Saris own their entire process. They source material locally through long-standing partnerships and Saris respect and appreciate the natural environment. Saris strive to create the world’s best bike racks.